The Stones were in Oakland, CA rehearsing for their upcoming "No Security" tour at the Kaiser Convention Center when my friend and fellow director Dick Curruthers called me to help produce this piece. We had less than a week to develop the idea, hire the crew, shoot, edit and be ready for opening night! It turns out the basement of the Kaiser is an awesome location and we ended up shooting everything there. The idea was to create a video that gave the audience the impression the band was moving towards the stage and that the show was about to begin. It worked like this: house lights out, roll video, people see band moving backstage, stage lights up, band appears onstage, audience goes crazy. The shoot went great and I even found myself hanging with the band between takes and pouring a few drinks (Ron Woods likes vodka and orange juice...extra vodka).


  • Client : The Rolling Stones
  • Date : 21 November 2014
  • Tags : FeaturedMusic